Keep the Fire, Live to Inspire

Posted on by Jenny Filush

We have all been there before, staring blankly down the barrel of life with no response or action to give back. Sometimes it is rather difficult to plod onward day in and day out, always living our life with purpose.

Friends, family and coworkers look to us for positive role modeling, often shaping their actions based simply on what we are doing or how we are presenting our feelings.  At times, it becomes draining and tiresome-always setting the lead example. What happens when we have a terrible, no good, rotten, very bad day? How do we manage to push forward and live to inspire those around us?

Put yourself first once in a while

First and foremost, it is about taking care of ourself. Human nature dictates that we should have a “place others first in our lives” mentality. We are taught to serve others and make a difference in their lives, providing energy and direction. However, I am of the belief that if we don’t take time to put ourselves first every once in awhile, the energy we have to give will be tainted and lacking.

It is of utmost importance to take care of ourselves, to engage in some every day “self-maintenance” in order for us to truly be there for others. Because we are humans, and because most of us try to live our lives absent of self-need and outright selfishness, this can become a challenge. When asked to take a true look at ourselves and how we are taking care of our body and our mind, we are often hard pressed to find what it is exactly we do for our own health maintenance.


Let’s start with a simple task, one that we don’t think about and are only aware of when it is called to our attention: Breathing. Breathing is an automatic response, one that is constantly practiced and one that carries us forward in life — for without breath, we are simply “not alive.”

By learning to focus on our breathing, we can slow down our automatic fight or flight response when confronted with an uncomfortable event, which allows us to process with a clearer mind, and thus make more informative and collective decisions.  Harnessing our own inner strength and being the pilot of our own breath, can change the way we respond, and more often than not, it projects as positive in nature.

Improve your frame of mind

Once we have accomplished this task, it is necessary to look at our collective “frame of mind.” In order to be a positive influence on others or to influence mindful change, we must believe in the positive. Always looking on the bright side of things, or turning negatives into positives, is not a certain reality and most certainly isn’t assured.

The challenge we have in our everyday lives, is to maintain some semblance of certainty, as it will affect our mood and our presentation to others. By changing the way we look at life, by creating a willful determination to look negativity in the eye and illicit change, we create a change in not only our individual frame of mind, but in the collective grouping of other’s thoughts and actions as well.

Have a plan of action

Once we have become well practiced in breathing and frame of mind, we must take a look at our action plan. Reading about these things and thinking about them, but never making a determined effort to engage and practice, can be detrimental to our health.

It is common knowledge that when we become a positive influence on others, it treats us kindly, creating a tremendous joy within. Our energy becomes stronger, more full of life. The more we function on this level, the more we affect our inner selves, creating an abundance of energy that we can tap into when we are not feeling our best.

The reciprocal effect, is that others respond in kindness — an action creates a reaction. If we wish to be treated fairly and kindly, with respect and dignity, we must do our best to live our lives to inspire those around us. When others observe our actions, it creates change — either positive or negative.

We do not live in a vacuum, nor is our life meaningless or unobserved.  We are the creators of our own paths; We are the pilots of our life. Taking care of ourselves so we can stoke the fires of passion and change is essential to being a source of inspiration for others.

Let us live our lives with the focus on our truths, our desires.  If we can truly devote time to a dedicated mindfulness, of building positive energy by focusing on taking care of our self, then we are well on our way to role modeling effective behavior in others.

By this action, we have made the living statement that we are resolved to harness the fire within ourselves; that this fire will burn brightly and forcefully, thus keeping the flames always stoked and brightly visible to those around us.  Once we master the art of our inner flame, our daily path then becomes one of inspiration.  Keeping the fire so we can live to inspire is a healing action — not only for others, but for our own inner peace. Burn Brightly.