For Every Con There Is A Pro

Posted on by Jessica Miller

“For every bad thing in life, there are more good things to tip the balance.” — Richelle Mead

I was thinking thoroughly as I was in the shower today. I thought of everything from past experiences to wondering when my laundry would be done. During my thinking of a particularly negative experience I once had, I heard some noise from outside the bathroom.

I was alone, how could I be hearing anything beside the noise I was making myself? As I got out of the shower weary, I slowly peeked around the corner, walked through my halls silently and checked all the cabinets of my one bedroom, student apartment.

I checked under the bed and held my breath as I opened my closet, only to find my clothes and dresser, right where I put them, unaccompanied by any person aside from myself.

The chance of there being a robber or rapist in my apartment is highly unlikely, in fact, it’s never happened in this area and there is no logical reason for me to believe I was being intruded upon. Our minds can think of the most irrational and illogical events, which are unfounded in truth or reality and cause negative perceptions of situations around us and those involving us.

Though we are most capable of considering everything that could ever go wrong (I know I’m not alone in this!) and in every possible way, why are we so prone to turning to believing the cons before considering the pros?

Sure, I believed there could have been a murderer in my living room, awaiting the end of my shower to do who knows what. However, the more reasonable option was that the refrigerator had made some noise or I was vaguely hearing the person in the apartment upstairs.

I think that we tend to jump to that most extreme con before considering the pros of a circumstance, which leads our positive energies to be drained by the end of the day! With as many outcomes as our minds imagine and with how often we first jump to the conclusion, “There’s a murderer in here, I’m going to die,” we become exhausted just living and thinking!

To every con we consider, there is a pro. To every thought of something bad happening, there is also something good that could happen, just as possibly and probably more likely. Would it not be more beneficial to focus our energy on those things that make us feel good, than wasting our time with the possibility of anything that could go wrong?

I think so. I believe that if we could only leave room for more pros in our minds to emerge, then we can eliminate a lot of our problems, aka cons.

Often times, the bad things that we consider to be reality is just a false projection of those things we are afraid that could happen: those, “Whats ifs…” in life.

If we could just simply add a pro to every immediate con we recognize, I believe we could more obviously identify just how many pros there really are surrounding us!