10 Simple Things You Can Do To Brighten Your Day

Posted on by Austin Condiff

Is life feeling a little repetitive or stressful lately?

Here are a few super-fun tips and tricks to cheer yourself up throughout your day and make life more exciting!

1. Sing in the shower


Singing in the shower starts your day off right with a fun light mood!

…or in public


Singing in public isn’t so bad either.

2. High Five a stranger.


Let loose, give a stranger a high five… who knows, it may be what he needs to brighten his day too.

3. Drink through a silly straw


Silly straws don’t have to be just for kids. Bring out your inner child.

4. Repeat a mantra daily


Repeating a mantra daily helps us to remember what we tell ourselves. Choose a mantra and live by it. As you repeat it again and again you will start to notice it becoming your personal mission statement.

5. Wear something crazy


Having a good day sometimes means that you don’t care what others think about you. Wear something wild and crazy and know that you look awesome in it, because of course YOU can pull it off.

6. Meditate about what you are grateful for


Pondering on the things that you are grateful for always helps you to appreciate the small things and life and recognize them as you go about your day.

7. Listen to music up loud in the car!


Listening to music in the car up loud always helps me to get in a positive mood, just make sure the music is upbeat and positive, that means no break up songs. Have your own personal party on the way to work or wherever you are going.

9. Read a book with a flashlight under the covers.


Doing this will help mix things up a little. It is like you have your own private area where you can relax and read.

8. Build an epic fort out of blankets.


Building forts are always fun and it doesn’t matter how old you are. Be creative with it and have fun!

10. Bust a move!


Dancing helps you to build and maintain a positive self-image. So move it! Look at you!

How about you?

What do you do to brighten your day? Share your thoughts in the comments below!