5 Childhood Values You Should Keep

Posted on by Beth Gross

From the mouths of babes…We often smile indulgently when a child makes a profound statement.  But don’t pass it off as coincidence.  Kids are wiser than we realize. They have life values that sometimes adults forget about using. Let’s see if we can remember how to be childlike. Here are some to ponder.


Three-year-olds do not know a stranger.  Everyone they meet is a potential friend.  Other kids, grownups, babies…they meet them all with a wide grin and a hug.

Friendliness is so maligned these days.  Don’t trust anyone is a new social mantra. Anyone could be a danger.  It’s sad, but necessary. Unless, you think like that little one and accept people as they are.  Believe they are nice until they prove you wrong.

And remember to cultivate old friends as well.  The next time you see a name on Facebook or Twitter and say “I think I went to grade school with them,” send them a message and ask if they remember you. I bet they will!


Ever see a kid’s eyes light up when you give them a handful of change? They are so grateful for anything they get.  True, it’s because they don’t have anything, but the concept is still worth hanging on to.

How would your life change if you were truly grateful for that bottle of wine from a dinner guest, that bad review from your boss, or that really weird sweater from Aunt Gertrude. You may acquire a new taste, learn what you can do better, or be put into a will.

Try seeing the worth of everything you have.


Are you really sorry for the way you yelled at your spouse last night?  Do you actually expect the office to believe you have the flu…again? If you put no stock into the adage “The truth will set you free,” than how can anyone trust you?

Children say what they mean and mean what they say. You cannot deceive a kid who believes something with all his heart.  In fact, using your whole heart to say what you think is a very good way to relate others.

Stop being deceitful in what you say.  If you mean no, say it.  If you don’t know, admit it.


Until they reach school age and find out what all the other kids have, most children are content with they toys in their room.  Oh, they may want the latest thing they see on TV, but if they get it, they always go back to the old favorites.

Having old favorites is a good way to simplify your like.  Get rid of what you never use. Throw away those old rituals that don’t do you any good. Clear your mind of old attitudes. Keep what’s good for you.  Keep what you love.  Keep your life simple.


“Let me do it myself!” Even people without kids know it’s the battle cry of childhood. You should make it yours, too.  Doing something yourself is one of the most satisfying things you can do.

Asking for help when you need it is obvious.  But asking for help because you’re lazy?  Not Cool. Letting go of this one when you grow up is often a sign that you did not grow up at all.

Childlike behavior can be good for you

These values are words that kids don’t know the definition of,  but they sure do know what they feel like.  You never really lost these values. They’re laying dormant somewhere inside. Find them.  Use them. Be a child again. You’re be more mature than ever.

What values have you been neglecting?  Leave a comment and we’ll compare notes.