The First Three Things To Do After A Break-Up

Posted on by Olivia Hatton

Lets face it, we’ve all been there. Not everything can last forever. We have to get our heart broken to learn what love really is, and sometimes we just aren’t ready. Whether it was them or you, whether the relationship lasted 2 months or two years, whether you were in love or just having a fling, here is what needs to be done after every break up.

1. Get rid of EVERYTHING.

I’m talking photos and messages on your phone, stuffed animals and jewelry he bought you, that pizza in the fridge he kept forgetting to take home, EVERYTHING. Once you are over, there should be no looking back! Some things you cant delete, but be cautious, because lets admit it, you will still be doing some Facebook stalking in the near future! It will only cause more pain and heartbreak. This can be very dangerous if you begin to drift into a rut and feel a bit desperate.

2. Be Sad! (for a while)

Everyone tells you it’s going to be okay and there are plenty of fish in the sea, but you just dumped/got dumped by a fish! You invested your time and your heart to someone and can no longer get that time back. The world gives you a (short) time to be sad. So be sad! Cry! Let it all out. Watch The Notebook over and over again. It is okay to question why it ended. Learn every emotion you can. Feel everything. We are only human. That being said, do not let it last forever. We all heal in our own times. The good thing is we can learn from past relationships and our hearts can only become stronger. Be optimistic, good times are ahead.

3. Have A Rebound.

I am not saying you need to hook up with a random stranger… but at least get to meet new people or meet up with old friends. Going out with people will help you forget about how much free time you now have. Try online dating or hit on that guy from the gym you always stare at. The more you date and get out there, the easier it will be to move on. Heck, if you really want to go to a bar and hook up with strangers, go for it! It’s your life. And guess what? You’re single! So there is no need to feel guilty afterwards.

The truth is, there are other fish in the sea. There are other people out there who will treat you right and love you with their whole heart. So get out there, move on, change your hairstyle that your ex told you not to do. You are now free to do whatever you want! You are a single, confident, incredible person. More people want to get to know you! So move on and show that ex exactly what they missed out on.