You Can Make Yourself Happy: 8 Tricks to Reset Your Mental Attitude

Posted on by Beth Gross

Happiness is an emotion. A simple statement, but one that people sometimes forget. You can pursue happiness without catching the feeling. Let’s look at some ways to feel the emotion.

At times, we all feel not as happy as others. It’s called by many names – unhappiness, sadness, melancholy, blue, bummed. It seems a hard, almost impossible task to turn your mood around. People offer helpful hints like “Buck up!,” You’ll feel better in the morning,” and Turn that frown upside down.” They may, or may not, actually help.

The mind is fortunately, a resilient thing. It can be changed. It can be changed by you. You just need to perform a few mental self-adjustments.

1. Smile

Oh yes, call me naive. But it’s true!  Putting a smile on your face really will make you feel better. I have worked as a receptionist for many years  and on my first job description was a item that read  “Smile. Smile. Smile.” An old customer service trick is to look in a mirror before you answer the phone to make sure you are smiling. People can hear a smile in your voice without seeing it. Smile and the world smiles with you.

2. Mindfulness

Often used in conjunction with Yoga and other Eastern philosophies, this simple mind trick is a great way to break a bad mood. Think of what you are doing right now. This moment. What do you see, hear, touch, feel. Getting your mind off the past and onto the right-this-minute raises that bad mood to a better one.

3. Be Kind

Do something for someone else and you will feel lighter. Volunteer to do a good deed and your mind will register a warm, fuzzy feeling. You could even go so far as to buy a gift for a person you don’t know, e.g. pay for the guy behind you in line. Be kind and change your mind.

3. Pay Attention to Others

When you use active listening, you hear what they are saying. In the act of listening, you are concentrating on their attitude and not thinking of your own unhappiness. When your mother told you to listen with both ears, she wasn’t being sarcastic.

4. Go Within

Meditation is a good way to get away from your thoughts. True meditation means you do not pay attention to the random voices in your head. You focus on a single syllable  or phrase to distract your wandering mind. And you come out of it with a fresh look on life.

5. Change the Scenery

If you are inside brooding, go outside. If you are walking the beach thinking of throwing yourself in, find a refuge. If your house reminds you of a sad time, go on vacation. Avoid places that put a cloud over you. Find the sunshine.

6. Go Where the Action Is

No matter how averse you are to people, when you are sad, you need human interaction. Call a friend. If you don’t have one, make one. Join a new club or get involved in a charity organization. When all else fails, go to the mall. Discover the meaning of the word camaraderie.

7. Get Moving

Exercise is a cure for the blues as much as it is a weight loss necessary. Your body feels sadness. Your muscles need stimulation to activate your immune system to ward off the dreaded “virus of unknown origin.” Your circulatory system wants  to flow, not feel sluggish. If you are sad, move it!

8. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I know it’s hard to do when “happy” is not in your vocabulary. But try the suggestions here and perhaps, the sun will shine brighter, the world will look cleaner, and your soul will feel lighter. Emotions are elusive things, but you can find happiness if you “change” your mind.