Love: Rekindle Our Deepest Passions And Keep Them Burning Strong

Love. One of the sources of happiness that drives us the most in life. The one true passion that we all carry within us. It is easy to let that passion slip away, fading into the rest of our everyday lives, drowning in the deep ocean of our daily mundane tasks. We need to rekindle that fire that helps us to be the happiest with the ones that we love the most.

Valentines day and our anniversaries (if we are married) help to remind us to ignite that fire and do something special for that special someone, but shouldn’t we be making them feel special everyday? Shouldn’t we be keeping the fire alive throughout the whole year? Though special, I am not talking just about intimate parts of our love. Society today is forgetting about the small and simple things to make your one true love feel special. Use these simple tips to rejuvenate the love that you have or just keep it burning strong.

Guys: Give up your seat.

Give up your chair so that the one you love can feel comfortable. It has always been a pet peeve of mine when I see some young guy sitting down, distracted by his phone, on a crowded bus or train while a pregnant or elderly lady is forced to stand. Pay attention guys. Just like you would (or should) give up your seat to them in that instance, you should definitely give that special someone the first seat.

Ladies: Dinner at home, after a long day.

After a long days work, guys are stressed and they just need some time to relax. Worrying about dinner just adds to that stress. Be sweet and make them dinner so they can come home and not worry about it. It is a simple way to let your man know that you care and you don’t even have to be a great cook. It will do more than you know and he will feel a lot more appreciative of you.

Guys: Pull out a woman’s chair.

It’s a simple gesture but it is a sign of a true gentleman to pull out a woman’s chair when sitting down. Rather than just sitting down yourself, pull the lady’s chair out for them and push it in as they sit down. This will really put a smile on her face.

Ladies: Do your hair and makeup.

Okay, this one might seem a little superficial of me to say but hear me out. A lot of times in relationships we tend to get comfortable. We all have long days doing homework or work around the house and you are tired or nights just hanging out in sweats with your man on the couch.  That is not a bad thing but it is also important not to let yourselves go. Show him that you still want to impress him and still want to look nice for him even if you’ve been together for years.

Guys: Open her door.

Guys, this really isn’t that difficult and it really goes a long ways. You decide to go to dinner and you both walk to the car. Instead of just opening your door and plopping into the seat, walk to her door with her and open her door, and if you’re feeling really affectionate, place your hand on the small of her back as she steps in the car. If you are walking into a restaurant hold the door open and let her walk inside first.  It is really easy to let this one slide but trust me, you will really score points with her if you practice this regularly especially after years of marriage.

Ladies: Show him that he is a priority.

There is nothing more appealing when a woman drops whatever she is doing when the guy comes home, even if it just to ask how his day went or give him a hug and a kiss. This really lets him know that you care and he is much less likely to take any stresses he has accumulated over the day out on you and they will melt away.

Another way to show him that he is a priority is (if his work allows it) surprise him for lunch at work. You may have to call ahead depending on what he likes, but this is a great way for him to relieve stress during the day and lets him know that you care and that you were thinking of him. As a bonus, if you were thinking of him, tell him! Guy’s love it when they know that they have been on your mind.

Guys: Walk on the street-side of the sidewalk.

It is small but it is a very nice gesture to let your girl know she is safe with you. Walk with her arm around yours. She will feel safe and it will really make her love you that much more. Remember, women notice the small things.

Ladies:  Be affectionate.

This may seem simple but it is often overlooked. Even if you show him small signs of affection such as holding hands, rubbing his back when sitting down, walking arm-in-arm, putting your head on his shoulder or chest, he will feel your love for him. Kiss him on the cheek, come up from behind and surprise him with a hug (guys this goes for you too). It really makes him feel loved.

Guys: Walk her to her door.

If you and your girlfriend are still dating, walk her to her door, every time, rather than just dropping her off. It really builds strong feelings for one another, and if you haven’t yet, it is a good way to build anticipation for that first kiss. Even after that it is a good way to say goodbye and assure her that she safely makes it inside.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Put each other’s needs before your own

This is sometimes difficult because we usually know what we need, however give each other a chance to help. Guys, you know that that bed needs to be made every morning, surprise her and just do it. Ladies, I know you want to catch that last episode of [insert girly TV show here], but sometimes it is good to just talk to your husband, or help him with whatever he is doing, be supportive and show if that you are there for him.

Show each other that we hold each others wants, needs, opinions, and life goals above your own. Show one another that you care for the other, and that is what love is about. Showing that we love the other by putting them first and not ourselves. Love is a team effort and we both need to be good team players.

How do you let your love grow or show love? Let us know below in the comments.