5 Keys To Mastering Your Fears

Posted on by Howard Falco

Fear is by far the one of the biggest challenges we face in life. As a built-in protection method for survival, fear can help in some situations, but other times it can put us out of touch with reality, thereby stifling personal creativity.

What if we could learn different ways to overcome our fears?

If we did, what would that mean to the quality of our lives, and how much we could create for ourselves?

The thought is a very liberating one. While our biological hardwiring may make it unlikely to fully end our fears, we may at least learn how best to subdue them and deal with them when they arise — thereby discovering the path to mastering them.

Here are five ways of confronting fear, and learning how to dissolve fear’s paralyzing effects so that you can get on with the business of living your life to its full potential.

1. Immediately look to regain perspective.

As soon as fear sets in, the first thing to do is remember the truth of infinite possibilities. A majority of fear is created when the mind gets locked on only one possible outcome for your future. The truth is that anything is possible for you, and there are many other potential outcomes that can unfold that are nowhere near as bad as the one your mind has been focused on. The mind tends to go to the worst imagined scenario when a challenging situation arises. When this happens, immediately focus your thoughts on other potential outcomes. Remember, you always have control over what you focus your mind on.

2. Face the thought straight on.

For a thought or experience to have an impact on you it, has to be resisted on some level in your mind. By facing and fully embracing the fear and all that goes with it, you’re in effect taking away the negative power of the thought or the experience.Acceptance is a powerful weapon against fear. Fear holds no power over you if you allow yourself to fully look at what the fear is offering you. By facing and embracing the imaginary dragon of your fears these thoughts and the impact you feel from them may just dissolve right before your eyes.

3. Get up and get moving.

Staying in one spot and mulling over what you fear is what creates a downward negative spiral. Change your mindset by stimulating your senses with a change in your location. Get your body moving. Water that remains stagnant festers and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. When water flows steadily, it stays fresh, clean, and life sustaining. Get up and get your blood flowing and change your environment. Get some fresh air or go for a run, jog or walk.

4. Know you can do it.

Self-belief is the most powerful belief you can have. It’s never more important to remember what you’re capable of overcoming in life than when fear is present. It also helps to remember past positive outcomes or other challenging circumstances you faced and overcame. Confidence, belief, love and faith are what overcome fear and its destructive effects. Stand in the power of who you are. Know that nothing can stop you from surviving and thriving in life, because you’re worth it, no matter what twists and turns lay ahead on your journey.

5. Take new creative action.

Fear tends to cause a creative paralysis of sorts. At times like this, pushing yourself to do something new and creative that moves you in the direction of change can immediately make you feel better. Change is an inevitable part of life. That is why life’s core nature is all about new creativity. The cycle of life is the endless continuation of birth, creativity, death, rebirth and so on. When one experience comes to an end, another one is born. No matter what you’re faced with as it relates to causing you fear, trust the elegance of life and know that something new is waiting to emerge behind the change you’re faced with.

Fear is simply and unavoidably a part of life. However, having some perspective on fear and knowing how to deal with it is a huge part of mastering and overcoming it. The quicker you can reduce the fear, the faster you can get into the creative mindset that helps you to get back into harmony with life. The key is to ultimately realize that it’s you, not the fear that’s in control of your thoughts, your quality of life and the way you experience it. Let nothing stop you on your journey to endless possibilities.

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