Random Acts of Kindness: 6 Opportunities to Volunteer

Posted on by Beth Gross

“Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world.” ~ Annie Lennox

Kindness is one of those attributes that you don’t hear much about.  That’s why The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has designated a week around Valentine’s Day every year as Random Acts of Kindness Week.  They have been in existence since 1995 and have started a “kindness revolution” of sorts. You can find information about them here http://www.randomactsofkindness.org

For this year, 2014, the designated week is February 10-16. During this week of being kind to others, consider looking into an opportunity to have a happier life by using your talents to serve.

I’ve looked around the web and found these websites that have inspired me.

1. Good Deeds


This site is a list of things people do for each other.  You can submit something you did, or that you saw someone else do.  Their vision statement says: “To initiate and encourage an ongoing snowball effect of good deeds.”  It’s a great way to get ideas of how to help others.

2. VolunteerMatch.org


Helping others is the ultimate feel good activity. This a site where you can key in your location and find all kinds of opportunities to volunteer.

3. Random Acts of Flowers


Giving flowers to residents of nursing homes is something every family has done.  But what about those who don’t have any family? This non-profit organization takes used vases and donated flowers and re-purposes them for nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice facilities.

4. Culinary Corps


Food is a necessity of life. When you have been hit with an emergency situation, the thought of not having food can prevent you from helping yourself. This group organizes skilled culinary volunteers for week-long trips to aid under-served areas and areas hit by natural disasters.

5. Habitat for Humanity


People from all walks of life get together to build houses for the homeless and for people displaced by natural disasters or war. You don’t need any construction skills.  They will teach you to build, or you can use your own skills in organizing, feeding the crews, or administrative tasks.

6. Community Gardening Association


As their mission statement explains, gardeners across the United States and Canada “build community by increasing and enhancing community gardening and greening.” Teaching about self-sustaining gardens,beautifying neighborhoods, and improving quality of life are just some of the programs that this group uses to grow and nourish people.

Something for Everyone

There are so many more wonderful groups and organizations that use the simple value of kindness to improve this world of ours. If you, too, have been inspired by a website that encourages kindness,  or you are already a part of one, I invite you to share in the comments. Let’s start our own list of goodness!