Through The Eyes Of A Child

Posted on by Austin Condiff

Life as we know it can be so complex. We can quickly lose sight of this simple things that really matter the most.

We often times get so caught up with the day to day worries and stresses of life. It is important that we pay attention to the things that matter most in life and see life through the eyes of a child.

The heart beating in our chest, the cool breeze that brushes by our face, the sound of rain gently tapping on the window, the gentle touch of a loved one. Take a moment to notice these things just as a child would for the first time.

This video is so incredibly cute. This little 15-month-old girl named Kayden goes out into the rain for her first rain storm. She goes outside, she looks up at the sky and sees the rain falling down and feels it on her skin. As she turns around to her mother, you can literally see the happiness that she is feeling. It is just such a remarkable moment of discovery.

Take a minute and watch this video:


It is moments like these that we truly appreciate the little things in life. Moments are the molecules of our lives. Make each one count by really paying attention to the world around you and the small details in it.

Life can be so frantic at times. Slow down a little, focus on the important things, pay close attention, and really see the things that matter the most in our lives. Paying attention to these things will help us to be more calm in the midst of the everyday chaos of life. As we do this we will notice our lives improving significantly.

It is not so much the big events as it is the small, important things that map the course of our lives. What are some small things in life that you appreciate?