5 Ways to Be More Productive

Posted on by Austin Condiff

Do you want to be more productive in your everyday life? In day to day life, we can get swamped by answering emails, checking Facebook, organizing papers. It happens to all of us, even I of all people am guilty of it. Fear not, there are five simple precautions to help you make your days more productive.

1. Start your day with a quick 5 minute planning/meditiating session

This will help you to know what you need to do that day. Most of us are so scatter-brained when we wake up each morning, I sure am. Take a few minutes to just sit there, relax, and think about what you need to do that day. If we don’t think our day out, we most likely will continue to be somewhat scatter-brained throughout the day and feel somewhat rushed. So with me right now, vow to not live your life in such a scattered state and plan your day each morning in a relaxed state of mind. It can make a world of difference.

2. Set goals of what you want to accomplish that day

What do you want to accomplish or work on that day? Thinking about and setting goals will help you to stay determined to be productive during the course of the day. If you need to, write a sentence down on a sticky-note and put it somewhere obvious, where you will see it throughout the day. Make it your own personal mantra of the day.

3. Stop Facebooking and start living

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is an excellent tool to stay connected and share things with the ones you love, but there is also a time and a place for everything. I have personally spent all day mindlessly liking and posting things that really have no productive value in my day. Yes you can still see that Lindsey tried out a great new nail polish color she recommends, and yes you can still check out that dumb video of Rob eating it on his skateboard that he shared, but set a time to do that and stick with it such as a lunch break.

4. Create and maintain time blocks

Time blocks are certain times set aside to do certain tasks or projects. Tell yourself, “Okay, from 9:00 to 10:00 I will work on that report that my boss wants by the end of the week, from 10:00 to 11:00 I will review our website’s analytics to see where we can improve on online sales. From 11:00 to 12:00 I will have a meeting with my team to plan out our next business week, etc.

This method is great in being productive but as humans, our mind is not wired to stay focused for 8 hours straight. So I would suggest that we plan 60-90 minutes of uninterrupted and focused work, then taking a five minute break to clear our minds. This will help us to stay more focused in the next task and help us to stay more productive throughout the day.

5. If all else fails, go distraction-free

Sometimes we can be distracted with notifications on our phone, the thirty plus tabs we have open in our browser, what we are going to do for dinner that night, etc. Sometimes we just need to cut out all of the distractions to get valuable work done, especially when we are in a time crunch. The best solution (and I know its painful) is to turn the phone off, close all of those tabs, and even restart to computer so that the only things that you have open are the only things you are working on. This makes it so that you have no distractions and you are completely focused on the task at hand.

Personally, I think that if you incorporate these small methods in your lives, you will notice that your days or much better spent because they will allow you to be more productive and you will be getting much more accomplished. So what are you waiting for? Start being more productive today!

Photo credit: Soupfender Shots on Flickr